Lube Tube Hemp! (50 ml)

Lube Tube Hemp! (50 ml)

Lube Tube Hemp! (50 ml)

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    About increasing sexual pleasure and intimacy in your live making?

    Lub Tube Hemp Seed Oil is a lubricating and exciting gel that enhances the comfort and intimacy between you and your partner.

    Its formula contains hemp seed oil promoting even more pleasure and excitement. is Lube Tube Hemp is not greasy, odorless,

    moisturizing and regenerates the skin.

    Lub Tube Hemp Seed Oil is for those who seek more comfort, its formula brings great lubrication power which makes sex more

    pleasurable and intense. In addition to the pleasure and comfort, Lube Tube Hemp moisturizes and prevents irritations during and

    after sex, keeping the skin well protected.

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